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Jeans ‘n Classics – An Innocent Man – The Music of Billy Joel



Jeans 'n Classics - The Music of Billy Joel at Flato Markham Theatre
Jeans 'n Classics - The Music of Billy Joel at Flato Markham Theatre

Programming Notes: Billy Joel’s upbeat, poignant and compositionally daring songs have been with us for decades. Experience an emotive and entertaining night featuring Billy Joel’s most exciting selections, skillfully performed by returning touring company/rock band Jeans ‘n Classics, featuring lead vocalist Jean Meilleur, pianist John Regan, bassist Darryl Stacey, drummer Steve Heathcote, and the Jeans ‘n Classics Rock Symphony, a full symphony orchestra, conducted by Mitchell Tyler.

Jeans ‘n Classics is not a tribute act; instead, they authentically interpret legendary rock and pop albums, infusing their performance with a unique flair. Under the guidance of Peter Brennan, this world-class act has become a star performer, enriching the arts and entertainment scene for over two decades with their diverse catalogue in symphony collaborations across North America.

Jeans n Classics revolutionized orchestral performances by merging world-class rock musicians with symphonies. Comprising accomplished individuals Jeans’n Classics transcends generations, appealing to individuals from 25 to 75 and beyond. Collaborating with over 100 orchestras, they’ve curated nearly 1,000 orchestrations across 45 productions, shaping the contemporary symphonic landscape with professionalism and finesse.

Songs List: 1. Movin’ out / 2. Uptown Girl / 3. She’s Got a Way / 4. Say Goodbye to Hollywood / 5. Goodnight Saigon / 6. She’s Always a Woman / 7. We Didn’t Start The Fire / 8. An Innocent man / 9. Only The Good Die Young / 10. Scenes From Italian Restaurant / 11. Lulleby / 12. My Life / 13. Big Shot / 14. Baby Grand / 15. Piano Man / 16. Honesty / 17. Ballad of Billy The Kid / 18. You may Be Right.

Photographs by Atael Weissman [click on thumbnails to enlarge]
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