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Valeria Matzner To Release New Album: “Tamborilero”



Singer-songwriter Valeria Matzner
Singer-songwriter Valeria Matzner

Uruguayan-born/Toronto-based singer-songwriter Valeria Matzner has demonstrated an affinity for bridging the iconic roots, rhythms, and melodies of her native South America with her own ever-evolving and exploratory stylistic eclecticism — encompassing everything from the excitement of samba and the passion of tango to the grungy pop appeal of rock and the improvisational heights of jazz.

Now, with measured and matured songwriting chops and a new-found perspective on her Uruguayan heritage, the Montevideo native takes a focused deep-dive into the roots of her musical soul on her second solo album since migrating to Canada, Tamborilero (to be released September 22, 2023).

Incorporating soulful candombe rhythms, played in the traditional drumming styles of Uruguay, the album’s first single and title track “Tamborilero” epitomizes Matzner’s intimate and uplifting celebration of the music of the Uruguayans of African descent who pioneered what would become the country’s most iconic sound.

Valeria Matzner To Release New Album: "Tamborilero"
Valeria Matzner To Release New Album: “Tamborilero”

Reflects Matzner, “‘Tamborilero” pays homage to the people who started this music, the Uruguayans of African descent, and to this amazing musical gift from the people of the African diaspora to Uruguayan culture. African-Uruguayan traditional music has been around for such a long time, and it’s become such an essential part of who we are as Uruguayans. Not only for the descendants of the African diaspora, but for the nation as a whole. It could be compared to the Blues music in American culture in terms of how embedded it is in our national identity.”

Tamborilero was produced by Jeremy Ledbetter and recorded at The Canterbury Music Company by engineers Jeremy Darby and Julian Decorte with mixing by John Bailey and mastering by Harry Hess and John Bailey.

The album, in its entirety, pays homage to Uruguay’s free spirit of collaboration between major and emerging artists. Featured musicians include Scott Metcalfe on piano, keys, compositions, arrangements, Max Senitt on drums, Andrew Stewart on bass, Juan Carlos Medrano on percussion, Alexis Baró on trumpet, Aleksandar Gajic on violin, Rob Christian on flute, Christian Overton on trombone, Joseph Phillips on guitar, Andres Magno on percussion/tambor piano, Daniel Magno on percussion/tambor chico, Gerardo Magno on percussion/tambor repique.

“Let me tell you,” Matzner muses, “it was so much fun to be in the studio and to be working with those guys because they were so professional and easy to work with. It was a fantastic, fantastic experience. And it was such an amazing dynamic to have so many personalities and different ethnicities represented on the album: a Jamaican bass player, a Cuban trumpet player, a Serbian violinist, Colombian and Uruguayan percussionists, and a Canadian pianist who sounds like he could be from anywhere because his music is so amazing.”

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